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Who we are

Hello, my name is Carl from CP Roofing and Construction. I’m a trusted local tradesman with 10+ years experience in contemporary roof design and structure. Contact me today for a FREE quotation.


Free Roof Inspection

Like no other, CP Roofing & Construction will fully inspect your roof and send a detailed letter containing a step-by-step process at no cost.


Wide Coverage Area

Situated in Gosport, Hampshire, we are ideally suited to cover Fareham, Havant, Lee on Solent, Portsmouth, Southampton, Whitely and Winchester.


Quality Assured

When you choose CP Roofing & Contruction for your project, you can rest assured that you will receive the utmost quality. Our 10/10 Checkatrade rating speaks for itself.


All Work Guaranteed

All works completed by CP Roofing & Construction are covered by a guarantee of up to 50 years.


VELUX Windows

In modern homes all over the UK, people are making smart switches to velux windows. Not to save on their energy (that’s just a bonus) but to stay in touch with the outside world. Did you know the average person in the UK spends just ONE HOUR outside in nature everyday… and that can include their commute to work! We’re all too busy making a living, that we forget to appreciate the little things in life…
So why not let nature back in? We might not be able to get outdoors as much as we like. But when we are at home, in our sanctuary, why don’t we bring the sunshine indoors?

Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofs are a stunning and classic addition to any home. They offer superior insulation and weatherproofing and have the added bonus of being simple and quick to install. CP Roofing & Construction offer a range of pitched roofing services guaranteed to make a stunning upgrade or addition to your property.

We also specialise in the repair and maintenance of your pitched roof. We can diagnose and fix leaks, see to issues with weathering or storm damage and inspect your roof to ensure it stays in perfect condition all year round.


EPDM Flat Roofing

Single-ply EPDM rubber roofing is a highly elastic single cover roof system with the benefits of no laps and joins that are typically asociated with other types of roofs such as torch applied or PVC systems.

The rubber is pre-measured, cut and fabricated in the manufacturer’s factory prior to installation. These systems do not need the use of heat for installation and can be either mechanically fixed or adered to the substrate. This type of roof will come with a 20 year warranty and a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years dependant on the manufacturer.


What They Say About Us

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction, delivering roofing services which go above and beyond expectation.